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  • Long Island University in New York - top location for international students!

    LIU Post: Location, Location, Location

    Posted 13 November 2015
    LIU Post campus is one of America's most beautiful and safest college campuses. Rolling green lawns, 3 historic mansions, 308 landscaped acres and close proximity to New York City provide the ideal environment for study and extracurricular activities.


  • University scholarships for international students

    Posted 02 November 2015

    When studying abroad in the United States and Canada, you should consider all of your options for financing your education and expenses. Multiple universities in North America offer partial scholarships to students with exceptional academic grades. Find out what the are the latest scholarships offered by our partner universities. 


  • Find the right business program for you

    How to choose a business program in the USA or Canada

    Posted 20 October 2015

    Business is among the most popular majors for both undergraduate and graduate students, with a wide variety of jobs seeking candidates with business skills. Business has a broad reach, and determining the specific business program can be confusing. Read on to see the critical factors in evaluating a business program.


  • The ultimate American undergraduate experience

    James Madison University - the ultimate American undergraduate experience

    Posted 20 October 2015

    Being an undergraduate student at a university in the USA offers its students an academic and social environment to stimulate learning, build lifetime friendships and expand their horizons. See how James Madison University offers the ultimate undergraduate experience. 


  • Pathway programs - success at university and beyond!

    Pathway programs – 12 lessons for lifelong success

    Posted 15 October 2015

    Pathway programs are developed to help international students assimilate into life at university, getting the academic, cultural and English language support that is critical for success at university in the USA or Canada. See what other skills you will develop in a pathway program at the International Study Center.


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