ACCET Accreditation Earned for International Study Centers

Posted 03 August 2015
ACCET accreditation for Study Group pathway programs

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International Study Centers at four Study Group university partners have been awarded three years of accreditation, giving our North American International Study Centers a competitive edge in the pathway program market.

The culmination of a rigorous initial accreditation process has resulted in an excellent outcome for International Study Centers (ISC) at James Madison University, Widener University, and Roosevelt University – 3 years of accreditation by ACCET.

Recognized by the US Department of State since 1978, ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training) is listed as "a reliable authority as to the quality of education or training provided by institutions of higher education and the programs they accredit."

Since the passing of the English Language Training Programs Act in 2010, accreditation has become a very serious business, and in recent years the process of securing it has become more challenging and laden with obstacles. Receiving a grant of three years in the current climate shows ACCET’s confidence in the quality of International Study Center programs.

The process of acquiring ACCET's endorsement is an extremely demanding and time-intensive one wherein accrediting officers examine many areas of the operation including financing and refund policies, mission statement and goals, terms and conditions, curricula, instructional methods, satisfactory academic progress standards, student services, forms of student evaluation and all marketing materials. The four major components of this on-going process are: 

  1. the development and implementation of institutional and program goals and objectives that focus upon a continuing education mission
  2. a comprehensive, analytic self-evaluation review and report by the institution
  3. an on-site professional peer review to evaluate the adequacy and accuracy of the self-evaluation
  4. an independent review and decision by the Accrediting Commission as an assessment of the institution’s commitment to and compliance with ACCET standards, policies and procedures

What does this mean for international students? Studying at one of our International Study Centers comes with a guarantee of the highest standards of instruction and student success management!

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