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  • Make the most of your university study experience!

    Banish homesickness – 8 ways to make the most of life at university

    Posted 24 October 2015

    Homesickness is experienced by most people when they are living away from home for the first time. This is extremely common with students during the first year of university, however, this does not need to affect your ability to succeed at university. Learn how you can overcome feelings of homesickness.


  • The ultimate American undergraduate experience

    James Madison University - the ultimate American undergraduate experience

    Posted 21 October 2015

    Being an undergraduate student at a university in the USA offers its students an academic and social environment to stimulate learning, build lifetime friendships and expand their horizons. See how James Madison University offers the ultimate undergraduate experience. 


  • What to pack for university

    What to pack for university study in North America

    Posted 25 August 2015

    You have your visa in hand, and you're pumped to start on the incredible adventure of student life at a university in the USA or Canada. This will be your "home" for the next 2-4 years. What will you take to your new home? Read on to see what's realistic for you to pack.