Bachelor's degree pathways for international students

If you are looking to earn a globally recognized bachelor's degree from a good university in Canada or the USA, Study Group will help. We offer undergraduate degree pathways for international students that prepare you for success during and after your studies.

What is the International Year?

The International Year allows you to study on the Intensive English Program while also completing your first year of university coursework.

Following International Year, you will be able to enter directly into the second year of a Bachelor’s degree at:

Depending on your English language level, you may qualify to take a shorter, one-semester International Year program. This will allow you to complete your Year 1 as a matriculated undergraduate student. This type of program is available at:

Why should you study the International Year?

Class sizes in International Year are often smaller than the typical Year 1 program, providing you with more individualized attention. You will also receive acculturation support to help you adjust to life in the USA or Canada.

In addition to a highly supportive learning environment, you can also earn all the academic credits you need to enter the second year of a wide choice of undergraduate degrees.

If you need extra English language support, you save time by improving your English and completing your first year at university at the same time. 

The application process to gain admission in International Year is easier than applying directly through the university. You will often save on an application fee as well. 

Find the right International Year pathway program for you

"I came to the USA because it had been my dream to study abroad and to speak English well. The International Year program at the International Study Center helped me improve my language skills and prepared me for undergraduate study at Widener. I learned a lot by writing and revising assignments. For example, I learned how to write a structured essay; the order, and how to make it stronger. In conclusion, I really thank my writing professor. She was supporting me all the time. She said I could do it, and I did it!"

Dar'ya from Ukraine
Business Administration, Widener University