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Canadian university international student scholarship winners announced

May 14, 2012

Royal Roads University in Canada announce the winners of their 2012 "Go Global" international student scholarship competition.

Royal Roads University's competitionCongratulations to the two winners of the "Go Global" scholarship for undergraduate international students. First prize goes to Tatyana Tsoy who will be awarded $2,000 towards the cost of her first semester of study at Royal Roads University in Canada. Second prize was taken by Waleed Abuelzaki who receives a $1,000 university scholarship.

Entrants to the scholarship competition, which ran in April and May 2012, were asked to write 250-500 words in answer to 'Why is a degree program with an international orientation more advantageous than a degree without?' Tatyana's winning essay describes the advantages of sharing knowledge, culture, and experience. Waleed's runner-up entry discusses the importance of becoming effective, aware and responsible global citizens. 

First prize winner's reaction

Competition winner TatyanaName: Tatyana Tsoy
From: Kazakhstan
Age: 20
Education: Alia Moldagulova High School; College of Management and International Tourism.
Intended degree: bachelor's in International Hotel Management

"I still can't believe it that I took 1st place in this competition. I'm very happy! As English is my second language and I want to study at university, I had some doubts and insecurities. I asked myself the question - Could I do this? But after I took 1st place in the scholarship competition my doubts have disappeared. Now I know that I can do this! This competition gave me confidence in myself.

I chose Royal Roads University, because this university established itself in the field of education in Canada. I choose Canada, because it is multi-ethic country plus with a gorgeous and unspoiled nature. As I live in Canada around seven months I learned that people here are very friendly and kind. So, my decision come to Canada was right.

I want to go to Royal Roads University on International Hotel Management program. I finished college of Management and International Tourism in Kazakhstan. Now I want to study hotel management. Why I chose hotel management? Firstly, it is very interesting job, you can meet a lot of people, people from other countries with different profession. You can learn new things from them. It is like exchange of experience. Secondly, it is perspective specialty, because this sphere covers not just hotel business but and restaurant business. So, after graduation you can choose one of these directions because you are not narrow-profile specialist."

Second prize winner's reaction

Competition winner TatyanaName: Waleed Abuelzaki
From: Sudan
Age: 27
Education: Almostanner Secondary School
Intended degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

"Thank you very much for giving me this award. I hope one day I will be able to help students around the world to achieve their goal. I feel my dream came true and I am one of Royal Roads University students.

I would like to introduce myself as an International student, I am from Sudan. I am very social and socializing is very important to me, I love to meet new people, enjoying working with diverse, trying different food, enjoy traveling, swimming learning about modern and old history, love camping, hunting, Playing tennis is one of my biggest hobbies, I also enjoy Playing football with friends and hope to join a team when I arrive at Royal Roads university and listing to music always help me unwind reflect on me to see the world as beautiful as it is.

My intention in coming to Canada for an education because I believe that Canada has the best education system and it's the best country around the world for business studies, also Canada has required infrastructure and technology so I would like to continue my education in Canada.

I can say the main reasons why I chose Royal Roads University the teachers who work at Royal Roads University International Study Center are very well qualified; Royal Roads University a top public university in Canada and Royal Roads University has a good study environment for international students.

I selected to study Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at Royal Roads University because courses flexibility and advanced research in my areas of interest and I would like to know topics like international marketing and accounting. The programs at Royal Roads University are highly regarded and relevant to the needs of business. And in the future I want to be Business Consultant or Project Leader.

I would like to invite students from all over the world to review Royal Roads University website to learn about International Study Center program and it's time for you to take a close look at RRU's beautiful campus. Remember don't take my word for it, come and see for yourself. Seeing is believing."

We look forward to welcoming Tatyana and Waleed onto campus in September.

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