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Useful online resources for international students

Studying at a US or Canadian university and living in North America will be an exciting time for you, and you can look forward to lots of new experiences! The more you know what to expect, the better prepared you will be to take full advantage of your opportunity.

We provide a list of useful websites for international students who plan to go to university in the USA or Canada, covering these topics: 

Studying in the USA and Canada

  • The US Department of State sponsors EducationUSA, which has information about applying to US universities, average costs of attending university, and other advice about studying in the USA. The site also includes a useful glossary of American academic terms.
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada provide a lot of advice about studying in Canada
  • The US Network for Education Information (USNEI) has helpful content on its Information for International Students page.
  •, the US government's official web portal, has content especially for international students about studying in the US. It  includes student visas, the TOEFL, and the US education system.
  • Another helpful site for general information is eduPASS, where you can find information on university admissions, traveling to the USA, and American cultural differences.

Life in North America

Immigration and student visas

Admissions tests, transcripts and equivalence

Scholarships and financial aid

Most financial assistance for university students in North America requires US/Canadian citizenship. However, there is limited aid available to international students.

Working and work experience in the USA

Managing your money

Life at University can be expensive! However, there is lots of financial advice available to help you manage your money wisely at University:

English dictionaries and translation

Travel, maps and weather

Get visitor information

  • At Guidebook America you can find travel directories and maps, online area guide books, and scenic webcams.
  • Canada's official tourism website offers a wealth of visitor information
  • Many US cities have outstanding public transit systems. offers public transportation information and maps for several cities.
  • If you have to drive, MapQuest provides point-to-point driving directions. In addition to driving directions, Google Maps also offers walking and public transit directions.

Make travel arrangements

Hotels for family members

These hotel chains generally offer reasonably-priced, comfortable accommodation:

Check the weather