LIU Post: Location, Location, Location

Posted 23 November 2015
Long Island University in New York - top location for international students!

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LIU Post campus is one of America's most beautiful and safest college campuses. Rolling green lawns, 3 historic mansions, 308 landscaped acres and close proximity to New York City provide the ideal environment for study and extracurricular activities.

In America, there's a phrase to describe the key consideration of business or home: "Location, location, location." With LIU Post, it's the best of both worlds: quiet, garden-like campus but just outside the New York City's metropolis.

Located only 50 minutes from Manhattan, LIU Post, rated as one of the safest college campuses in the USA, is situated on a scenic, 1.25 km² (307 acres) of land on Long Island in the historic Village of Brookville, NY. The campus is a woodland arboretum – a place where you can walk and study among 4,000 trees and beautiful flowers. It is the perfect place to relax with friends, sit and read a book, or prepare for exams, while still having access to the pulse of vibrant New York City.

LIU Post offers more than 85 bachelor's degree programs, 72 master's degree programs, and three doctoral degrees, as well as 62 "accelerated and dual degrees" that combine a bachelor's and master's degree. Furthermore, the curriculum fosters an individualized approach to help students achieve their goals. The campus is a friendly and welcoming environment where professors will know you by name and assist you with your studies.

Xiawei "Vince" Kang from Inner Mongolia wanted a school with a big campus and finds everyone on the beautiful campus to be very welcoming to international students. Vince said with a big smile on his face, "I like it here. I have to figure things out for myself. In China, I don’t even know to do presentations. Here?.... wow! I do so many presentations." This new form of learning has made Vince more confident to challenge himself as pursues his MBA at a top university location.

With over 7,900 students enrolled and 49 countries represented on the campus, you will have many opportunities to make friends from your own country and interact with American and international students.

LIU Post is home to Tilles Center for the Performing Arts—a world-famous concert hall where many internationally renowned musicians, comedians, ballets, and plays perform. Because of its close proximity to Manhattan, many world class performers include the Tilles Center on their tours. The campus also features a museum, three art galleries, a student theater, and a movie theater.

Ashish Agarwal, a 2012 Long Island University dentistry graduate from India, speaks highly of his time at LIU Post and his experience with Study Group. Explaining the complexities of acclimating to American life and the inherent difficulties international students face, Ashish affirmed that "There is no support like that from Study Group. While separated from my friends, family, and home, it has been Study Group that has most helped me realize my goals and future."

Whether it's studying from a wide array of fields, relaxing on the scenic campus, or heading into Manhattan to enjoy the city life, there is something for everyone at LIU Post.