Pathway Programs – 12 Lessons for Lifelong Success

Posted 19 October 2015
Pathway programs - success at university and beyond!

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Pathway programs are developed to help international students assimilate into life at university, getting the academic, cultural and English language support that is critical for success at university in the USA or Canada. See what other skills you will develop in a pathway program at the International Study Center.

For many international students who require additional English language support, a pathway program is an ideal entry point to a top-ranking university in the USA or Canada. Pathway programs provide the necessary English language and acculturation courses to help students bring their English language skills to university level and adjust to the North American university system.

With a core value of "Students First", Study Group designs its pathway programs to prepare students for university and beyond. Because success comes at several stages in life, at the International Study Centers, we work alongside our partner universities to train students in the soft skills that increase their "employability" in the job market.

Soft skills, or employability skills are a set of intangible personal traits and abilities that are hard to teach on the job, but are essential for success on the job. Examples of such skills are communication, interpersonal skills, leadership and people management. These are the skills employers expect their new hires to already display, and prove with examples during the interview process. At Study Group, we understand this and therefore ensure we create enough opportunity for our students to learn and practice these skills to achieve both academic success and build on their employability.

Skills for success at university and beyond

1. Written and verbal communication –the ability to express yourself clearly

You have ample opportunities to practice your English language and communications skills through writing and spoken English courses that are thoughtfully designed to boost your confidence in using English on a daily basis.

2. Presentation skills – the confidence to present your ideas with conviction

You will regularly participate in class discussions and present your ideas to the classroom. Additionally, you are expected to create a presentation prior to matriculation using whatever creative means you have to develop an idea and share it with the International Study Center as well as students and staff from your university.

3. Collaboration and team work – the ability to work towards a common goal by supporting and empowering others

You will work on projects as a group and learn how to be respectful of all ideas and complete the project together.

4. Leadership skills – the ability to motivate and direct a team

Through extra-curricular activities and participation in events at the International Study Center and your university, you will have the opportunity to practice and hone your leadership skills.

5. Problem solving – identify challenges and come up with effective solutions

Learning to think in a second language is the first problem you will have solved when you join a pathway program. However, studying at university in the USA or Canada, will present you with many small situations in the classroom where you will have to come up with solutions to achieve your goals.

6. Decision making – evaluating options through logic and suggesting the best course of action

Participating in group activities on campus will put you in the position where you will need to suggest solutions, and if in the position of leadership, make decisions based on the options available to you.

7. Planning and organizing – the ability to build and carry through a plan

This is a skill best practiced on a daily basis as you begin your life as a university student. Your organization skills will come into play in your dorm room, in scheduling your classes as you progress through university and planning your overall success at university.

8. Negotiation – the ability to influence and convince others

This is a skill best learned by putting your observations into action. Watch how students from different cultures manage to influence others or convince others, and learn from your peers.

9. Time management – prioritizing tasks to meet deadlines

This is a skill you will practice every day as you juggle your class schedules, homework and social life at university!

10. Flexibility – adapting successfully to changing situations and environments 

The International Study Center is the ideal place to test and increase your adaptability. While you will be in a foreign country, you will have the support of teachers and staff that have many years of experience with international students and can help you make the transition with ease.

11. Global sensitivity – the ability to understand and appreciate diversity and work in a multicultural environment 

Not only will you be in a foreign country, you will be surrounded by international students from around the world, from different cultures, speaking different languages. You will have the opportunity to celebrate special festivals with your peers and learn about cultural differences first hand!

12. Interpersonal skills – respecting differing views and perspectives, communicating with professionalism

The teachers and staff at the International Study center are experts at teaching you how to communicate while being respectful of all perspectives. In the job world, high value is placed on showing diplomacy even when you disagree with someone.

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