10 Activities to Destress After Finals

Posted 19 December 2016
destress after finals

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For many students the last couple of weeks were very stressful: sleepless nights in the libraries or homes to prepare for the tests and term papers in order to receive good semester grades. For some of you this may even have been your last semester in school, and that’s even more stressful!

Today is officially the first Monday after finals week, and stress is giving way to holidays and winter recess. So how can you take the pressure off you and de-stress after a few intense weeks of studying? Let’s look at some of the ways to de-stress your body and mind.

1. Sleep
Make sure you catch up on your sleep as it affects practically everything in your body – how energized you feel, how good you look, how rested you are.

2. Exercise
Exercises are important for your health, so make it your New Year’s resolution to hit the gym or simply jog around your neighborhood.  

3. Walk 
Go for a long walk – it’s relaxing, it clears your head, and you probably haven’t done it in a while given your busy school schedule!

4. Holiday shopping
‘Tis the season, and if you haven’t done your holiday shopping yet, this is a great opportunity to shake off some of your stress while buying gifts for your family and friends.

5. Cook/bake
With so many recipes found on the Internet, pick one (or two!) and surprise your family by baking a batch of delicious cookies or other holidays treats.

6. Re-connect with friends and family
This is the time to re-connect with your friends and family whom you haven’t seen during your school semester. They’ve missed you, and you’ve missed them, so go ahead and spend some time together.

7. Ice-skating
What says ‘winter holidays’ more than ice-skating? It’s a perfect winter activity so don’t miss out on the fun.

8. Movie marathon
If the weather’s cold or you simply want to spend a day at home, find a couple of your favorite movies and spend a day on the couch simply enjoying the classics.

9. Create a holiday playlist
Take a day or two to put all of your favorite holiday songs together, and you’ll be the star at the family holiday dinner.

10. Visit a new place
Winter recess is a perfect opportunity to take a short getaway trip to a place you’ve never visited before. Say ‘hello’ to adventures!

These are just some of the things you can do to forget the stress of the finals week and prepare yourself for a successful new semester and a new year ahead. ‘Well done’ to all of you – you successfully survived another semester in school – and happy holidays!