4 Reasons to Study in North America

Posted 08 December 2016

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Many students have dreamed at least once about studying abroad. And why wouldn’t they? New friends, exciting road trips, different cultures and diverse backgrounds, new school subjects, and so much more. While it all seems very realistic and manageable, the first step on your journey to study abroad – preparation and research – can be tricky. There are so many university options out there, so many countries you want to visit, so how do you choose where to go?

This uncertainty is completely understood, so here’s a quick break down of four reasons why studying in North America will be one of the most important steps you will take in advancing your education and taking a step towards your dream career.

1. Quality of education

It is well-known that higher education institutions in the USA and Canada are some of the best in the world. Academic excellence, high global rankings and great post-graduation prospects attracted over 1 million of international students to the US alone in 2016. Canada is also home to some of the top-rated universities in the world, and the country itself promotes a global outlook with focus on attracting more and more students from abroad.

Another reason why studying in the US and Canada is so attractive to international students is the method of education that is very different to the other parts of the world. There is a lot of emphasis on individual work, where you can present yourself as a knowledgeable student and even become an expert in a particular area; public speaking, so that you can improve your English and show off your communications skills; and team assignments where your leadership skills can shine.

2. Cultural diversity

The students you’ll meet during your studies in North America will come from the most diverse cultural backgrounds. Both Canada and the United States are welcoming countries that respect and embrace the world’s cultures. Many international holidays are celebrated in North America to make international student, immigrants, and simply tourists to feel at home: Chinese New Year, St. Patrick’s Day, Rosh Hashannah, Eid Al Fitr, Diwali, and many others. So when you come to study abroad, you will not be alone: there will be many international students as well as our helpful and knowledgeable staff of the International Study Centers who will be there for you any time you need.

3. Geographical location

Canada and the United States (along with Mexico) occupy the entire North American continent, which make them some of the largest countries in the world. Canada is the second largest country in the world, and the US – third, topped only by Russia. They are unique in their geographic diversity, with climates ranging from polar in the Canadian north to subtropical/tropical in the south of the US and Hawaii. While studying here as an international student, you will have a chance to experience the nature’s beauty by taking trips to various locations on your bucket list. If you ever dreamed of the road trip across the American states or to see a polar bear in the wild – this is your chance!

4. Career opportunities

Some of the world’s biggest and most innovative companies are located in the biggest hubs of North America: New York Metro Area, the Silicon Valley, Greater Toronto Area, just to name a few. When you finish your education and earn an undergraduate or graduate degree from our universities you will be exposed to a pool of employers and will have a chance to work and learn new experiences in the companies from North America. In addition to that, if you choose to earn your degree in Canada, you will have a chance to work during your studies as the Canadian laws allow international students to study and work at the same time!

That said, you should carefully consider all aspects of moving and studying abroad to determine the best place and the best university for yourself. It may not seem easy at first but it is well worth it. And because many students from around the world have done it – you can do it too!