How to Get Ready for a New Semester

Posted 11 January 2017
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New Year means the start of new beginnings and fresh ideas. For many of you it also means one more school semester or perhaps even starting at a new university. To be successful in your studies during the Spring 2017 semester, make sure to follow these helpful tips for a smooth start.

Meet with your adviser

Every international student that arrives to one of our International Study Centers (ISCs) or Pre-Master’s Programs can find help on site among the ISCs’ staff members. Whether it is a question about your academic success and which courses to take next or a personal one about your dorm room, they will be more than happy to help. It is recommended that you meet with your academic adviser at least once per semester to stay on track and keep up with your good academic standing.

Mark important dates

Usually your professor will give out a syllabus on the first day of classes, so make sure to mark all of the important school dates, such as deadlines, exams, and presentations in your calendar. You can also mark any other memorable dates, like your friends’ birthdays or national holidays. This strategy will make your academic planning easier by knowing ahead of time when you need time off and when you need to focus on studying more.

Get to know your roommates

If you are living in a dorm and got assigned a roommate, get to know them and become friendly as you will be spending a lot of time together. Also, introduce yourself to other students living in your dorm or on your dorm floor – after all, school is not just about studying but about social activities too.

Make yourself comfortable

Make sure to assess your living situation at the beginning of the semester and see if there is anything you’re missing or forgot to bring with you. If so, this is the time to buy or ask your family to send you anything you may be missing to make sure you’re living comfortably for the rest of the semester.

Do research ahead of time

Once you know what classes or subjects you’ll be studying during the semester, it is best if you plan ahead by subscribing to blogs and online newsletters to stay informed. There is a lot of useful and up-to-date information on the Internet that will help you study and stay current. You can plan ahead for your upcoming classes by reading the news and following influencers in your area of study.

This check list will help you prepare for your first day of classes and complete the Spring 2017 semester like a champ.