Academic degrees and pathway programs at university in USA and Canada

Study Group offers a wide range of academic programs at leading universities in the USA and Canada. Our globally recognized degree pathways are designed to help international students like you to achieve academic success.

Study Group is your first point of contact at the university, providing the tools and support you need to achieve your goals.

Why should you study a degree pathway program?

Starting university can feel overwhelming, especially for international students. In a pathway program, you will take English classes relevant to university study, academic classes in your degree area, as well as gain practical support to help you adapt to your new life as a university student.

As a pathway program student you will experience the best of both worlds: you are fully integrated into the university, yet also benefit from additional support.

Study Group provides pathway programs for both undergraduate and graduate students to give you the specialist support you need to succeed in your studies.

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What if you do not meet the English language requirements for degree study?

It is common for international students to meet all other requirements for university except English language. We will support you with intensive English language training to fit your needs. We offer a variety of program types depending on your English level.

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What is an undergraduate degree?

An undergraduate degree is the first level of university qualification in the USA and Canada. Most students begin their undergraduate degree after high school. In the American and Canadian university systems, the most common type of undergraduate degree is a Bachelor's degree, which takes four academic years of successful study to complete.

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What is a pre-professional program?

Many universities offer pre-professional programs, such as pre-law or pre-medicine. These are not actual degree programs, but rather career development programs that prepare students for entry to specialized professional schools, such as medical school, law school or dental school.

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What is a Master’s degree?

A Master's degree is a graduate (also called 'postgraduate') program. It is an advanced degree, which you can only study once you have graduated with a Bachelor's degree. Master's degrees typically take one to two years to complete.

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What is a dual degree program?

A dual degree (also called 'double degree', 'joint degree' or ‘blended degree’) lets you earn two degrees at the same time. They can either be from the same university, or from different universities. A dual degree takes less time to complete than it would take to study the degrees separately. Dual degrees often combine an undergraduate program with a graduate program.

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