Choosing a major to study in the USA or Canada

If you study at a university in the USA or Canada, your main focus of study within your degree is called your 'major'. The subject you choose can lead to the first step in your career, so we recommend you consider it carefully.

When do you choose a major?

You select your major after you arrive, usually during second year. Before that, your courses will be in general studies.

How do you choose a major?

Selecting a major is a decision based on your own academic skills, personal interests, and career goals. Think about the university courses you enjoy and excel at. In addition, what are your career goals? 

Do not worry if you are unsure of which option to take; North American universities will prepare you with a variety of skills that can be applied to many industries. Every university we partner with has expert counselors to help guide you through your decision.

Can I change majors?

Yes. Many students at North American universities decide to change their major; sometimes more than once. School counselors can tell you if you have enough time or if extending your stay at the university would be needed to complete your courses.

What is a double major?

Some universities offer students the opportunity to have a 'double' or 'dual' major. This means you study two areas of focus, but still graduate with a single degree.

What is a minor?

A 'minor' gives you the opportunity to select a secondary focus for your studies. Your minor does not require the same level of time and knowledge as your major.

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"I feel like a Baylor degree is going to help me to find a job in America, because it's such a valuable degree. I'm looking for an internship and after I graduate from Baylor I want to stay in America, so I can do more travelling and get to know the culture better. I think if I got double major at Baylor it's going make me very competitive"

Jian from China
Math and Professional Selling, Baylor University