English language programs at university in Canada and the USA

An on-campus English language program will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to excel at university. Your program will provide more than language training; you will also learn study skills and gain a better understanding of North American culture. A good ESL program makes your time at university more valuable and fun.

What English programs are available?

Study Group can connect you with a wide choice of universities and programs. These provide an immersive education in English and academic studies, and offer special support for international students.

Are pathway programs for Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees?

Both. Whether you would like to study a Bachelor’s degree, or are considering a Master’s degree, you can search and compare course options here.

What are the application requirements?

Each of our university partners offers a unique location and student experience. You can find information about academic requirements on each university's page.

What level of English do you need to begin an ESL program?

You won’t need an official TOEFL or IELTS score for most ESL programs.

Do you need to satisfy other entry requirements before beginning an ESL program?

Before you are eligible for an ESL program you must meet all of the entry requirements for your university degree program, except the English language requirement.

 Find the right ESL program for you

Mio LIU Post

"My major is business, but in the first semester I was studying just English. This semester I'm taking business, management and marketing. Here there are a lot of international students so we can help each other and hang out, so that's nice. There are also American students; I can make many friends. Study Group helps me and the lectures are so fun. I think it's really good for international students."

Mio from Japan
Business, LIU Post