Master's Degrees

Once you have completed your undergraduate degree, a Master’s degree program is an excellent way to dive deeper into a subject area and make yourself even more marketable to a potential employer.

North America is a great place to continue your higher education at Master's level. MBA degrees in the USA and Canada are renowned for giving graduates a huge competitive advantage and unequaled opportunities in the global job market. A Master's degree is often a professional requirement for a career in engineering or health sciences.

Structure of master's programs in North America

Length of study

Masters' programs vary in length depending on the number of academic credits that must be completed. A 30-credit program can usually be completed in 12 months. Most Master's degrees are studied for two years. Some specific professional programs require 60 or more credits for completion (e.g. Master of Science in Genetic Counseling at Long Island University).

Teaching and learning

Unlike undergraduate degrees, where you take a broad range of courses in addition to your major, graduate degrees are focused on a specific field of study. To complete a Master's degree, in addition to learning in class, you will usually need to submit a 'thesis', which is a paper on an extended research project. 

You can choose from a number of Master's degree programs in Canada and the USA. Some of the more popular programs include business, engineering, management, tourism and hospitality, computing, accounting, public administration, and more. 

The MBA is often considered the gold standard in business education. The program teaches you the broad principles and standards of business management. MBA candidates demonstrate drive, professional commitment, and competence to successfully handle a wide range of senior and executive level roles. Most MBA programs are two years in duration.

Successful MBA graduates have greater appeal for potential employers and experience broadened opportunities across a variety of business environments. Graduates also often enjoy significantly higher lifetime earnings than non-MBA graduates.

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The Masters in Engineering is one of the highest degrees in the field of engineering. Students will choose to focus on one specific type of engineering, such as: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering and chemical engineering.

As a successful graduate of an MEng program, you will have opportunities to pursue a highly paid professional career within your focus area within engineering.

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The Master's in Tourism and Hospitality program is designed to prepare you for a career in a thriving industry, with management experience of hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, country clubs, convention centers, and more. You will study subjects close to that of a business degree.

Graduates have moved on to successful careers with some of today's leading companies, including Boeing, Hilton Resorts, Disney Resorts, Carnival Cruise lines, and more.

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The Master's in Computing often offers students the option to study Computer Science or Information Systems. The Computer Science major, or concentration, addresses computer programming and information technology support and development. The Information Systems concentration will provide an understanding of how technology works for business process and strategy.

Graduates gain advanced expertise in creating and maintaining secure and reliable computer systems and user interfaces. Career options include a wide range of industries for software development and programming.

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The Master's in Accounting prepares you for a career in public accounting, industry accounting or government enterprises. Students often choose a concentration in accounting information systems, taxation, or professional accounting.

Many students will take and pass their CPA (Certified Public Accountant) examination, leading to strong careers in the finance industry.

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The MPA is a professional public affairs degree that prepares you for a wide range of careers in the government, public sector management, health policy, law, and non-profit organizations, among others.

You will understand the solid foundation necessary to play an influential role in the development of social, economic, and medical services in the USA and Canada.

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The Masters of Nutrition program will lead you to a successful career in the health field. Students can choose from a number of concentrations including clinical nutrition, general nutrition, exercise physiology, eating disorders, and nutritions in geriatrics.

As a Master's in Nutrition graduate, you will have enhanced professional qualifications in food and nutrition positions in a variety of settings.

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The Master's of Criminal Justice will prepare you for a successful career in areas including law enforcement, corrections, court practitioner, fraud examination, security administration, and emergency management.

This degree will give the ample opportunities for higher-level positions in the criminal justice system.

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