The world is your classroom

DePaul is a nationally ranked U.S. university, with many programs consistently placed in the top 50 nationwide. It is located in the heart of Chicago, the third largest city in the USA and famous for its food, music and art, as well as 30+ top Fortune 500 companies. 

DePaul encourages students to follow their dreams, with internships and volunteering opportunities designed to build workplace skills and contribute to a better world.

Your studies

Students benefit from real-world exposure, including events, trips and internships to help set them up for successful careers. Career-focused teaching is delivered by experts, with opportunities for students to undertake work experience at some of Chicago’s biggest companies.

Life on campus

DePaul has two campuses in central Chicago, Lincoln Park and The Loop. Students live and study surrounded by global headquarters, world-famous museums and landmarks.
On-campus facilities include the Career Center, health services, food outlets, and the Idea Realization Lab. At the Rey Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center, you can take a fitness class, sign up to an outdoor adventure trip, or use the swimming pool and other facilities.

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Social life

DePaul has more than 350 student organizations dedicated to community service, student government, professional development, recreational sports and more. Whatever your interests, you will find people who share them here, from journalism to gaming.

Home life

Undergraduate Global Pathway Program students will live in the University Center for Chicago (UCC). Choose between suite and apartment-style housing, with options for how many roommates you would like to live with, including whether you would like to live alone.

Graduate Global Pathway Program and direct admission students can choose to live at the UCC or off campus.

Degree programs
Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate Pathway Tuition Fees 2019-2020

  Standard Pathway 3-Quarter Extended Pathway 4-Quarter Extended Plus Pathway 5-Quarter
Tuition  $41,971 $48,151 $51,854
Fees*   $691 $908 $1,125
Room & Board   $16,200 $21,600 $27,000
Health Insurance   $677 $902  $1,128
Total   $59,539 $71,561 $81,107

Graduate Pathway Tuition Fees 2019-2020

  CDM Standard Pathway 2-Quarter CDM Extended Pathway 3-Quarter KGSB Standard Pathway 2-Quarter KGSB Extended Pathway 3-Quarter
Tuition  $18,025 $21,620 $20,600 $24,195
Fees*   $420 $610 $420 $610 
Health Insurance   $451 $677 $451 $677 
Total   $18,896 $22,907 $21,471 $25,482 

Additional Costs

UPass Summer Cost per term $86
Fall, Winter, Spring Cost per term $105 
Health Services Per term  $60
Per Semester (Law students)  $81
Athletic Cost per term $25
Student Activity Fee Cost per term $27 
Law Activity Fee $20
  • University fees are given in US Dollars (USD).
  • Prices are estimated and subject to change without notice.
  • For details on all University fees and approximate costs of getting a North American degree, please contact a Student Enrollment Advisor.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester 2019

Direct Entry
2DADA, AGFVE, VEFA, DP, NAS, NSS, GDD, GDWD (expand with full names)  August 19, 2019
NAS, NSS (expand with full names)  August 19, 2019

Next start dates

Winter 2020


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