Degree preparation at North American universities

Study Group has over 20 years of experience in providing international students with language, cultural and academic knowledge through high-quality teaching and individualized support. We are in the best position to help you progress and succeed at university in the USA or Canada.

Why should you begin your Canadian or American degree with a Study Group pathway program?

Study Group helps you settle in and succeed. Our programs thoroughly support you through your first year of study in the USA and Canada. We will give you a complete introduction to your university, and you will be fully integrated into campus life from day one. Our essential support for international students includes English language, study skills and academic courses that count towards your degree.

Will a pathway program help you improve your English?

During the course of your pathway program we will help you improve your English language to the level needed for university study. You will feel confident in learning, sharing and challenging ideas and opinions, and socializing with other students from around the world, including the USA and Canada.

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Mio LIU Post

"My major is business, but in the first semester I was studying just English. This semester I'm taking business, management and marketing. Here there are a lot of international students so we can help each other and hang out, so that's nice. There are also American students; I can make many friends. Study Group helps me and the lectures are so fun. I think it's really good for international students."

Mio from Japan
Business, LIU Post