Opportunities for success after graduation

You can expect a bright future after you graduate from one of our university partners in the USA or Canada. Your degree will open doors to some of the best opportunities in the global job market.

How will your American or Canadian university degree improve your job prospects?

A degree from a university in the USA or Canada is respected and recognized throughout the world. You will have access to valuable work experience opportunities during and after your degree. Employers value real world experience very highly, so you will have a head start over the competition for your dream job.

How can you safeguard your degree success?

Securing a place at a university is just the beginning of your journey towards a degree. Study Group’s supportive pathway programs give you the best chance of seeing your studies through to graduation. We only partner with universities that have a record of helping international students graduate successfully.

What career services will be available to you?

Our partner universities have on-campus Career Services departments to help you succeed after graduation.

Services include:

  • Career development planning
  • Internship search
  • Job search and interview preparation
  • Help to prepare graduate school applications
  • On-campus job interviews
  • Resume writing assistance
  • Career/job search classes
  • Alumni network

What are your chances of graduate employment success?

Part of our criteria for selecting partner universities is their graduate success rate, and Study Group’s partner universities have a proven track record in this regard.

  • James Madison University: 95% of the 2016 graduates were employed, in graduate schools, or pursuing other career endeavors six months after graduation.

Can you stay and work in the USA or Canada after you graduate?

Find out about work visas for the USA.

Find out about work visas for Canada.

Can you stay on for further study in the USA or Canada after you graduate?

Many international students choose to continue their higher education through a graduate degree program. Master's degree graduates can make significantly higher salaries than those with only a Bachelor’s degree.